Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last night my roommate had plans to go to a rugby match with some people from her class and when someone backed out at the last minute she offered me the ticket (since I'm pretty much an honorary member of their class).  It was being held at the RDS arena (you'll all remember the RDS, of course). It was just on my regular bus route about 10 minutes away from my apartment so it was very convenient for me to get in and out of there.  The stadium was big enough to have a great atmosphere but small enough that there really weren't any bad seats.

It was Leinster (one of the four Irish Provinces) against the Scarlets which is a team from Wales.  We (and by "we" I mean Leinster) ended up winning in the last few second of the game after being tied for most of the game. I've been slowly trying to teach myself rugby for a while now and, while there are some occasional glances at "A Dummies Guide to Rugby," I think I'm getting the hang of it.  Although I tried not to I couldn't help but compare it to American football.  There are plenty of differences between the two sports but having an understanding of some of the similarities helped me to get a better grasp on the game.  I won't pretend to know enough to go into details about the match but I will provide some pictures!

The Scrum


 The Six Nations Championship is currently going on right now which is between Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, and France.  I've watched a couple of the matches so far and hopefully I'll get the chance to watch and learn a bit more through that.  I also hope that I'll get the chance to go to another match at some point during my time here.


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