Superbowl Sadness

Monday, February 6, 2012

It's a gloomy day in Dublin... and not just because every day is a gloomy day in Dublin but because last night was the Superbowl and my home team (the New England Patriots) did not win.

My friends and I went to a place in town where we had a table reserved just feet from a nice large projection screen.  It was a huge step up from how I've watched all the other games this season on my tiny laptop with terrible sound quality and constant fear of losing the feed.  The game didn't start until 11:30 but the place filled to capacity and we were quickly surrounded by all sorts of people.  There were those wearing their Pats / Giants gear, those who obviously were not fans of either team but wanted to show that they supported American football so they wore whatever jersey they may have, and a surprisingly large number of girls who saw a football game as an appropriate time to dress up in their miniskirts and heels.  I guess I can't fault them for trying to take advantage of the 9:1 male to female ratio, but I think they underestimated the power of a sporting event to make a man oblivious to the world around him.

Whatever the people around me were wearing, it was clear that they were all excited to watch some football.  Watching the game in such a mixed crowd did make me miss home a bit.  I would say a majority of people around me were rooting for the Patriots but there were only a few people I knew personally that I could commiserate with for every missed catch and poor play.  There's a lot to be said for suffering in solidarity. 

I was also pretty upset to learn that we would not see any of the multi-million dollar commercials from home.  I've often heard people complain about American football because they take too many breaks.  It now makes sense to me because, while we're at home watching some amazing commercials, the people here watch the same three over and over again.  I don't necessarily enjoy commercials but if I had to watch every game the way they do here I would have a hard time sticking with the sport, too.

I still tear up a little thinking about it but I do have to give the Pats credit for playing in 5 out of the last 11 Superbowls.  Even if they are not all wins it does show that they have provided me with many seasons of entertainment over the years. I'd love to say they played a great game but even that would be a stretch so I'll just start counting down the days till the start of next season.

And just to rub salt in my wounds I came home from class today to find a package with...

Why, Wes? Why?
... my Wes Welker jersey.   I left it at home after Christmas so to not jinx them by assuming they would be playing in the Superbowl.  My mother, appalled that I wouldn't have it for the game, attempted to mail it to me but of course it arrived a day late and after a game lost.

Well I'm running on fumes after a late night and an early morning so I'm going to ignore work for the evening and hopefully get to bed early!

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