Beautiful Days... With Photographic Evidence!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I feel like blogging about the weather is getting old but since it has been so nice out this week and this kind of weather is so rare in Ireland I will at least share some pictures!

Myself and some friends spent Sunday wandering around the city enjoying the first day of daylight savings time.  After the Sunday market we lounged at Saint Patrick's Cathedral for several hours and then ate dinner outside while the sun stayed out until almost 8:30.

Today, on my day off, I took a trip to the Iveagh Gardens.  I had heard about this place from my friend Rachael who described it as a secret garden.  Since my goal in life is to some day have a secret garden of my own, there is no way I couldn't check it out.  Not surprisingly after wandering through the garden I found Rachael and her sister Candace (who is in my program) there!  It was another lovely afternoon in the sun though unfortunately I think it will be back down in the 50's for tomorrow.  I'm glad I managed to enjoy as much of this week as I did considering finals time is quickly approaching.
Saint Patrick's Cathedral

Saint Patrick's Park

Where there was once a well St. Pat used to baptize people

Ninjas doing their thing

Waterfall in Iveagh Gardens

Statues in Iveagh Gardens

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