Cliffs of Moher!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday we were up bright and early for our day trip to the Cliffs of Moher.  Inna had found a deal online where the day trip bus tours were 50% off so we figured we would get them and use them when we had some free time.  Luckily I knew that the Cliffs were something Brent and Miranda wanted to do so I told them to quickly buy some of the coupons and everything worked perfectly!

(This was the start of my two week "study" period so I was able to avoid work for almost a majority of the time that my friends were here!)
Irish Coutryside 

We were traveling with or Extreme Ireland.  I'm not sure which they prefer but they seemed to go by both.  The Cliffs are basically located directly across the country from Dublin so the first few hours of our trip was simply getting a look at the countryside which is without a doubt beautiful.  We drove out to Limerick where we took a quick bathroom break and then continued on over the Shannon and then up the coast to the Cliffs.  As I'm sure you can imagine from the pictures the cliffs were amazing.  Walking along the edge was slightly terrifying but it was awesome to do.  We were there for about 10 minutes with great visibility but then out of no where a blanket of fog rolled in.  It got to the point where we had to turn around and walk back because we couldn't see the path in front of us.  Although there seems to always be a high chance of fog at the cliffs I would absolutely recommend them to anyone planning on visiting Ireland.

From there we just drove down the street to the village of Doolin where we had lunch at McGann's.  How they managed to seat and feed 60 people so quickly I will never know.

Our next stop was at the Burren which appeared to just be a massive rocky area but apparently it is extremely fertile and so many different plants grow there that it's like the Cabo for botanists.  I just thought the rocks looked fun.

We continued on up the coast with a stop at Corcomroe which is an abandoned 11th century abbey.  That provided us with some beautiful pictures and a flattering paparazzi moment where a little Spanish girl wanted to take a picture of myself and Miranda crouching in a small doorway.

From there it was some more coast time with a stop in Kinvarra for some ice cream before heading back to Dublin, exhausted but very happy with our day.

Cliffs of Moher

Friends at the cliffs

The Burren

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