Saturday Markets, Christchurch, and Dublinia

Saturday, March 10, 2012

After a wonderful nights sleep we got up on Saturday to visit the market.  Every saturday in Dublin the Temple Bar area has a food market and a crafts market.  Though everything looked and smelled delicious at the food market we just did a quick walk through.  I then bought a beautiful handmade porcelain bracelet at the craft market.  After that we crossed the river to check out the Grand Social market which also had many wonderful things that I would love to have but didn't buy.

Dublin Food Market
From there we headed down along the river to Christchurch Cathedral.  Dating back to 1028, Christchurch is one of the must see tourist spots in Dublin.  The cathedral itself is beautiful and there is also a crypt that would have been more awesome if the cafe down there wasn't playing Natalie Imbruglia. They also had costumes that were used in the filming of the Tudors which apparently happened frequently at Christchurch.  There is one part of the church that once held the heart of St. Laurence O'Toole (the patron saint of the cathedral) but just the week before we visited someone broke in and stole it.  I'm hoping they do find it some day but it was pretty cool to see the metal cage that protected it broken and twisted away from the wall.  
Costumes from the Tudors
Interesting finds in the crypt
Where O'Toole's heart was kept
From there we crossed the street to Dublinia which is an interactive museum that covers the Viking and Medieval  periods of Dublin's history and also gives a look into the the modern day archeological work that is going on there.  It's definitely more geared towards children but myself and my fellow mid 20 year old friends had no trouble entertaining ourselves. 

From there we made a pit stop at Burdocks to fuel up on fish and chips.  After eating, I pointed them in the (incorrect) direction of the Guinness Storehouse.  It was completely my fault but I sent them down the wrong street which they continued on for an hour before stopping to ask for directions.  Big oops all around.

Later that evening we had dinner with a big group of people at Dada which is a Moroccan restaurant.  I can't remember what my dish was called but it had pears in it and was delicious. 

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