The Apartment Complex

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today has been a beautiful day in Dublin.  I'm currently on my couch trying to finish up reading for an exam on Friday, but I'm greatly enjoying my apartment complex right now.

Beautiful jazz music is coming from the apartment next to me.  I can hear the quiet but rapid chatter of a foreign language on the balcony above mine while a few kids run around outside enjoying the last few hours of sun.

There is a breeze coming in the door that has brought with it the scent of someone's delicious dinner being cooked and, if I don't focus too hard, I can pretend the cars driving by outside are the sounds of waves crashing on a sandy beach.

Although I'm currently living in a foreign country, I can still imagine living in another.  I feel that if I walked onto my balcony I would be looking down onto an old, winding, cobbled street with clothing lines hanging from window to window while children play below.  

In reality I looked out onto a parking lot and my upstairs neighbors are probably flicking their cigarette butts down on to my balcony while the neighbor who was playing jazz music has now pulled out his guitar to show off his less than rudimentary skills and the kids playing outside are probably waiting to egg the first person to walk by (it has happened!),  but I'm still enjoying it all nevertheless!


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  2. Thanks for following my blog. Following you back. I lived and traveled in many countries--always an adventure. Look forward to reading more.