Sunday, May 27, 2012

Anyone who knows me will know how excited I can get by small coincidences.  Even the slightest thing will make me stupidly giddy and I won't be able to stop thinking or talking about it for quite a while.   I don't know if it's just that I'm easily impressed or if it's that others don't get the same excitement from coincidences that I do.  I guess it's most likely a combination of both, but today I experienced one that even Kat agreed was pretty crazy (I think her word was 'creepy' but I like crazy better).

Since today is my last day before classes start for third semester, I allowed myself to sleep in.  The weather is still amazing so I decided to take a walk down to the Iveagh Gardens since it is quickly becoming one of my favorite places in Dublin.  On my way I cut through St. Stephen's Green.  While walking through I heard the faint sounds of a band.  As a former high school band geek, I have a hard time passing up a good concert so I followed the sound.  The band was playing a song that I loved.  Every time I hear it I think, "I love this song!" but then as soon as it's over I forget what it is.  I thought to myself "I'm going to remember it this time, I swear!" But of course I didn't.

So after a wonderful day listening to a few different bands and making it to the gardens for a bit, I returned home to search for that song.  I couldn't remember the name, the tune, or any of the words.  As I'm sure you have all experienced, this is one of the most aggravating feelings in the world.  I resorted to googling all sorts of things and even scouring youtube in hopes that someone may have posted a video of the concert.  Finally I checked twitter for 'st. stephen's green' in hopes that something might come up.  I never found the song but the first tweet that appeared was a picture... of me.

Granted it was just a picture of the crowd enjoying the concert but I was closest to the camera and you would assume it was taken by a friend or something.  It's amazingly strange but it thrills me to think of how small the world really is and how many crazy coincidences happen every day.  If I didn't care about that song (or if I had finally remember which one it was!) I would never have checked twitter and I would have never found that random picture of myself.  It turns out that the person who tweeted it happens to be a producer for RTÉ and has over 2500 followers which makes it even more strange.

It really is so easy to make my day.

Just enjoying myself in the park! (source)


  1. thats absolutely mental!! hilarious! but you missed a FANTASTIC day out at the 40 foot swimming and sunning... and drinking....

  2. that is amazing!! i feel the same way, i love coincidences, big or small... :) miss you this weekend!