Dun Laoghaire

Friday, May 25, 2012

Although Thursday was another absolutely beautiful day in Dublin, I still had yet to finish my reading for my exam Friday, nor had I started studying.  Besides for a quick escape to lay in the grass at Trinity for a half an hour, most of yesterday was spent inside.

Today, after my exam, Alanna met me at the Blackrock DART station where we joined several of my classmates for lunch.  From there my amazing friend Ciarán (happy with the shoutout?)  drove us down to Dun Laoghaire.  I had never been before but it was amazing to see on such a beautiful day.  There is a massive pier that juts out into the ocean and if you got tired of looking at the sailboats moored in the harbor there is plenty of people watching that could keep you occupied.

After ice cream at the end of the pier and the walk back, Ciarán took us on a drive to Dalkey and Killiney.  I was honestly unaware any part of Ireland was that amazing and on a few occasions I had to remind myself that I hadn't left the country.  We drove on Sorrento Road, and it was clear where the inspiration for the name came from.  It would have been much easier to believe we were in Italy instead of Ireland.  There was an amazing view from almost every point of the drive and I don't think there are many people living in that area that don't live in a castle.  One of the more well know residents of that area is Bono if that gives you an image of what the area might look like.

I sadly didn't get any pictures of the drive but here are some from Dun Laoghaire! (Also I've been using my cell phone camera these past few days since my luggage is off traversing the world on its own adventure and contains my regular camera so I apologize if the quality isn't that great!)


  1. Finally!!! Love you!! For those familiar with the area, Vico road I think is what she was referring to, although we passed Sorrento Terrace along the way,

  2. I didn't confuse the two! If we didn't drive on it we at least passed Sorrento Road and that got my point across a lot better than Vico would have (at least to those outside Dublin!) But yes, Vico Road was the one with the fanciest places and best view.