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Sunday, May 20, 2012

One of my big projects while being home during this break was to swap rooms with my sister.  The room I was in was decently bigger so I figured that she could use that extra space for the baby when it comes.  Like I said before,  I was willing to switch rooms but not before her old room was painted.  As you can see it was a pretty scary place to be.  Hot pink and lime green would be fine if I were 16 but those days are far behind me.   Because it's a small room I decided to go with a light cream or beige color.  My sister was disgusted that I would cover up her work with such a boring color but now that it's done I still firmly stand by my decision!

Day 1:  Cleaning and sanding
Day 2: All primed up
Day 3: Painted and furniture moved!
It took two solid coats of primer and two coats of paint to cover up the pink.  It took me three days to do by myself but I feel like I really accomplished something and got a full body workout in the process!  The finished paint color was a slightly pinkish beige but it reminds me of the beach which gives me some good ideas for a theme for decorating.  I still haven't started the decorating and the trim and doors still need paint but that will be my first big project when I return home in September I think. 

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  1. The color you chose is neutral and will leave you a lot of room for decorating. I always keep that in mind when painting.