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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our apartment in Dublin has a map.  It is a very large map and takes up most of one wall.  Myself, my roommate, and a friend each took small pieces of different colored post-it notes and placed them over the cities we have traveled.  While we really just did this as a decoration for our awkwardly shaped living room, I've come to find that it is a constant source of conversation and entertainment for us.  Any guest that comes over analyzes it and very few miss the fact that Greenland is massive and that Antarctica was forgotten.  Either way it is a pretty cool map.

Every time I look at our map, however, I notice how little I've traveled in my own hemisphere.  My road trip to Alaska covered a lot and I've done a few random trips up and down the east coast, however there is so much more I realized I wanted to  see.  As a European History major in undergrad, Europe was basically all I thought about.  While I've loved every bit of Europe that I've seen, I find a very strong growing desire to go out and see more of North and South America.  I would love to see the Grand Canyon and Redwood Forest and all of those other amazing sites just sitting around in my own country waiting to be explored.  If it ever becomes affordable again I would love to do a road trip across the states.  I think wanting to do these things has had a strong influence on my decision on what to do next year.  Just because I plan on staying home doesn't mean I can't travel anymore. I'll just have the ability to see and do more things close to home.

Although it is even farther than Europe is from home, it has also been a life long goal to visit Machu Picchu which I think if I start saving up now I could make a reality at some point.

If anyone finds Antarctica let me know....

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  1. I feel the same way (minus traveling in other countries lol) Kenny and I talk about roadtrips across the states all the time, it's def. on the bucket list! I also love maps as decor; we have one on our wall as well!! Hope you're enjoying your time home.