Happy First Day of Summer!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The sun is shining in Dublin and it's going to get up to a whopping 59 degrees!  Of course at home it's going to feel like 101.  Way to rub it in, Massachusetts.   Most of the people at home I am talking to are complaining that it's going to be too hot.  I'm sure I would agree if I were there, but I would LOVE some oppressive heat and humidity for a day... maybe followed by a nice evening thunderstorm.  Actually, today is lovely here so I wouldn't trade it right now, but on pretty much any other day of the year in Dublin I would.

Of course on the first nice day in about a month I have a paper for my class that I have to get done by 3 pm so, while I would love to go out and frolic, I'm stuck inside working.

I haven't updated on the running in couple of days but I have been good!  I did 1.5 miles on Monday and then did my 10 mile cycle yesterday.  I spent the entire day at school working on this group project and by the time I got home I was both physically and mentally exhausted.  I then realized that it had been over a week since I  took a rest day so I'm taking one today.  Of course today would be the perfect day to do either of those activities.

Also, I just wanted to say that I am SO PROUD of my best friend Alanna who just got a job offer for basically exactly what she has been working towards for the past six years!  Congrats!

This is how happy we'd be if we were both employed.
Don't you want to see me this happy?!
Employ me!


  1. haha i love this!! that picture is awesome... congrats to your friend. and im sure you will find something just as wonderful soon erin :) enjoy your day, miss you xoxo

  2. Yeah Alanna!!!! Hang in there Erin

  3. Aww thank you for the shout out :) And you will find something too because you're amazing.

  4. I love a good warm thunderstorm! Sorry you have a paper on the first nice day! I'm sure there will be PLENTY more.