My Running Challenge: Day 1

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm going to try something new.  As I said a few posts ago, I've been feeling a little down about not having a strong passion to do anything and the extra time I've had between classes has just made it all the more apparent.  I've also gained too much weight since coming to Dublin and that needs to change!

One thing that I've always wanted to get into was running.  I was athletic when I was younger. Karate, swimming, lacrosse, frisbee... I was always doing something.  Running has always been something that I've done when necessary, but I generally find myself bored out of my mind after just a few minutes.  I ran a 3.5 mile race about a year ago and I never felt the motivation to push myself during it.  I really want to feel that runner's high, though.  Even more importantly, I want to want to run.  I would love to reach the point where I look forward to running like so many of the runners I know.  At this moment I feel like I'm not capable of feeling that way but this is my attempt at it!

I've decided that the only way that is going to change is if I actively try to make the changes myself.  No one else is going to do it for me.   I figure that if I make it public I will feel a little bit more pressure to stick with it... feel free to peer pressure me!

I started with my first official run today.  It was just a little less than 2 miles down by the quays.  I intended to time myself but stopped at the grocery store on the way back and forgot to check my time.  I thought it was colder out than it actually was so I over dressed and found my self wishing I could strip a layer off.  Overall it was a fine run.  I had a new playlist and I was highly motivated since I had officially decided to take on this whole running thing but I still felt that boredom creeping up.

Aside from finding the motivation to get myself running regularly, I think the hardest part about this will be finding good routes to run.  I live in the middle of a city and the frequent stopping at intersections really ruins any good running vibe I might muster up.  I could do laps up and down the quays, but as I said before I think the boredom is what generally prevents me from sticking to running in the first place.

So, any tips on how to stay motivated and keep up this new routine?  I really think talking about it online might be the key to changing my relationship with running around but we'll see if this works!

Side Note:  I also just discovered that today is National Running Day (in the US).  I think that's a sign!

Here we go!  Day 1.

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