My Running Challenge: Day 2

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I really wasn't sure that Day 2 of my running challenge was going to happen today.  It was raining pretty heavily all day.  I know, I know...  I live in Ireland and I should be used to the rain by now.  It is different here, though.  It rains often, but it rarely downpours.   When it does rain heavily the country doesn't handle it well.  Here's a few examples of what happened last October:

So as you can see I really didn't see my run happening today.  Fortunately, around 5:30 the rain stopped. I wasn't sure how long it was going to stay dry because, according to, there was a 100% chance it was already raining.  I used that as my motivation to get my sneakers on and get out the door.

A few things I learned on Day 2:

  • Running during rush hour in the financial district of a city is not a good idea.  I was dodging more pedestrians than puddles today.
  • I need to remember to charge my ipod during the day.  It drains even when it's off and a dead ipod = a dead Erin trying to run.
  • A truck can still splash you with street puddles even if you are 10 feet from the edge of the sidewalk.
  • My cell phone will not lock when the stopwatch is on so, instead of timing myself today, I just pocket dialed a bunch of people instead.
  • I need to get a watch (see previous point).

On the bright side it was the perfect temperature to run and there was a light breeze to cool me down (aka dry the sweat dripping off my face).  I did the same route as yesterday which feels like a good distance for now however I've been using that route for a while now and I'm getting pretty tired of it.  I think its time to look for something new.

Overall it was a good day.  I didn't get to cycle to class as I normally would because of the rain but I pushed myself to get out and run so I feel like I did accomplish something!

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