My Running Challenge: Day 3

Friday, June 8, 2012

I don't want to get my hopes up this early in the game, but there is a slight chance that I actually enjoyed my run today.  The rain from yesterday hasn't stopped and, while I heard about several flooded roads in the city, I found myself getting antsy to get out and run.  I don't think that it was so much that I  wanted to run but more that I knew the sooner I got it out of the way the sooner I could take a shower and get back into warm clothes.

The rain had no pity on me but I found that I enjoyed running in it.  It kept other people off the sidewalks and out of my path and you can't help but feel pretty badass when you're fighting against the elements with Lose Yourself blasting in your ears.

Hard to see here but the Liffey was the highest I have ever seen it.
I tested out my new route today.  It's about the same length as the old one and goes around the same general area but instead of just running back and forth along one side of the river, I cross over a few bridges and change up the scenery a bit.  Even with the rain I felt good running today.  I haven't been sore at all these past few days so I think that means I need to step it up a notch... either in distance or speed.  Also I realize I set out on this "challenge" without creating any guidelines or parameters.  It seems to be working ok for now but that's something I might have to think about in the future.
Had to stop and take a picture of the pretty ship!

I'm off to Edinburgh, Scotland tomorrow for a long weekend so chances are I won't be running again until Tuesday.  Hopefully I'll come back eager to start running again!
A soggy but happy runner (and sox fan)!

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