My Running Challenge: Day 5

Friday, June 15, 2012

As much as I was looking forward to today's run, it wasn't that great once I got out there.  It wasn't the running itself, but the route I decided to take. It was poor planning and that put a damper on the run.  If I ran along the river to O'Connell Street I could make a perfect three mile route. O'Connell is pretty much as city centre as you can get in Dublin and I knew that it would be crowded but I was hoping there wouldn't be so many people there at noon on a Friday.  Not only was I completely wrong, but I didn't realize that there was construction was going on.  The entire river side of the road was closed down and foot traffic was even more condensed than normal.  There are also several lights in the that area that take over 2 minutes to change to a walk signal.

Overall, it was just frustrating and by the time I was able to run again I think I just lost some of the motivation.  I like being in my own little world while running and that was essentially the complete opposite of what this run was.  Surprisingly, the only thing I did enjoy about the run was the light rain that kept me cool during the times I was actually able to run.

So many cars, people, and umbrellas to dodge.
Looking on the bright side, I've at least established where I should not run... now it's just a matter of making the most of the areas that aren't as busy.

Also, although there were a few opportunities where I could run down a side street and just cut the trip short, I stuck with it and completed the entire run.  I guess I have to take even the smallest successes! 


  1. The guy in the hoodie must be famous, because it seems as if he is avoiding having his picture taken.

    1. It's more likely that he was just concerned for his safety when he saw a sweaty girl running at him taking pictures... I probably would have done the same if I wasn't already the scary sweaty running girl.

  2. I am in awe. I had to run 2 miles for my black belt test--that was the hardest part of the test for me!