My Running Challenge: Day 6

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I went out last night to celebrate the wonderful Inna's birthday.  Drinking, dancing in heels, and garlic cheesy chips at 4am is a great way to end a night but a terrible way to start a morning.  Fortunately, I was able to sleep in pretty late and, aside from a strange man screaming outside my window at 6 am, it was a pretty restful sleep.
Happy Birthday, Inna!
My run today wasn't anything great but it wasn't the worst either.  I was tired from last night but I wouldn't let myself use that as an excuse.  I did, however, probably walk more than I ran.  I've also adjusted my 3 mile loop so I can now avoid O'Connell which makes a big difference in the overall mood of the run.

There was an annoying rain cloud that I swear was located directly above me and no where else.  I could see blue skies in front of me, behind me, and to both sides but it hovered over me for the entire run.  At one point I thought "Ha ha Mother Nature!  Little do you know that I like the rain during my runs!"  It then proceeded to downpour.  Massive raindrops.  If I looked up I think I would have drown.  Luckily Bono appeared and invited me into his recording studio to dry off.  Just kidding.  Though I did hide out under the awning of his creepy warehouse studio until my fear of getting arrested for trespassing overtook my fear of being washed away by the rain.

There was actually about a minute or two during my run where I felt really good.  Previously, when I have said my run was good, I think what I really meant was that it just wasn't terrible.  For that brief moment during today's run it actually felt good, not just neutral.  Unfortunately, most of the rest of the run was plagued by shin pains.  That has always been my biggest issue.  The rest of my body feels fine, but my shins hurt shortly into my run.  The first thing I always hear from people is "you need to get fitted for shoes!"  I know this is true but I won't be able to do it until I get home.  I have been looking at some running form videos and tips. They have helped with my overall form but not much for my shins.  Luckily the internet is full of information that I'll will probably spend most of the night looking at!
So, overall, not a terrible run.  That little moment I had was really nice.  I'm hoping I find them a little more frequently.  I don't have any drinking and dancing nights planned in the foreseeable future so I shouldn't have to worry about dealing with that for a while either.

Also, I saw this article online about an app that turns your run into a zombie survival game.  I think it sounds awesome!  Has anyone tried it?

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