The Ocean

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The smell of the ocean is one of the greatest things in the world.  I can smell it through my bedroom window right now.   Even though I live about five minutes from the ocean, I rarely smell it over all the other scents of the city.  It's amazing how nostalgic it makes me.  I spent so much of my childhood around the ocean that just one ocean-scented breeze makes me smile.

What is even more surprising to me is how many people actually dislike the smell.  I've heard on more than one occasion about how gross it smells.  I think the exposure to the smell at a young age and the memories associated with it have a huge effect on your feelings towards it.

It's kind of like airports, too.  In actuality it is the smell of fuel and concrete and a lot of things that should be in no way appealing to the senses and yet I associate it with travel which makes me love the smell anyway.
It does make me miss home a bit...


  1. I love the smell of the ocean, it reminds me of growing up and feeding hot dog buns to the seagulls. :) I think that's so amazing that you traveled so far to get your master's! It must be such a great experience!

    1. It has been an amazing experience! I'm going to be very sad to see it end so soon. Thanks for the follow!