10 Days in Dublin

Sunday, July 8, 2012

10 Days in Dublin is a comedy / music / film / every-other-form-of-art-you-can-imagine festival with shows around the city from July 5th – July 14th.   I enjoy comedy however I’m not very good at following comedians nor do I have a favorite.  I am, however, willing to see anything and everything, especially if someone else recommends them.

My party-planning friend Inna sent out a few different gigs going on over the next week or so and Saturday was the first that we decided to check out.   We saw Trevor Browne at The International Bar.  Before I talk about Trevor, just a few words on the International… it’s tiny.  I saw a gig there once before and we got there kind of late and I spent the whole time standing in the far back next to the bar but I was still probably only thirty feet from the stage.  So this time we got there early and had front row seats.

As for Trevor Browne, he was very entertaining.  He had his guitar with him on stage and instead of doing straight stand up it was more of a kind of musical comedy.  It reminded me a bit of Flight of the Conchords.  Like I said, I’m not a big comedy connoisseur but I definitely enjoyed his show!

So if you're out and about in Dublin over the next few days I would highly recommend some of the other things going on in the 10 Days of Dublin.  I think I'll be out Wednesday night for another comedy gig so maybe I’ll see you there!


  1. Thanks for the follow, Erin!!! 10 Days in Dublin sounds fun! I followed you back, be sure to enter my give away! Nothing beats NE sports!