A Random Assortment of Pictures

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My roommate moved out today.  She's not leaving Dublin until next week but she found someone to sublet so she's staying with a friend for the next few days.  We made an event of our last day together by cooking dinner and having some wine and ice cream while watching some tv and a movie.  It was very fitting that the final episodes of Friends were on... sad but fitting.  It was even more fitting that it was followed by Perfect Storm as we were preparing to ship her back to Massachusetts.

I just helped my new roommate move in.  I think I've got my good deed points and my workout points in for the day!  It'll be strange living with someone else after so long with Kat but I enjoy getting to know new people so it should be a good next few weeks.

There isn't much else exciting going on at the moment so I've decided to share a collection of very random (and sometimes strange) pictures I've taken while wandering around Dublin over the last week.

Cricket at Trinity 
Filming of Ripper Street at Trinity
Only found out after leaving that the main charater is played by
Matthew Macfadyen aka MR. DARCY!
Stumbled upon this street while running yesterday.  Some seriously
amazing graffiti but a pretty scary area.
Found out after getting home that this is Windmill Lane,
another of U2's former recording studios.  
Then I met a puppy at the grocery store. 
...and saw a toilet seat while walking down the street.
Saw a sign that said "Free Beer" and got excited... then got closer and
saw this.  Sneaky advertising!

Mary Street, Dublin. The Spire in the background.
...and finally, I bought a massive strawberry.
The End.  Hope you have all had a great weekend!


  1. Haha the toilet seat and that sign cracked me up.

  2. Enjoy the new roomie! The toilet seat made me laugh a little lol

  3. aw!new roomie but sad to lose an old one :(

    come say hi at nichollvincent.blogspot.com

    have a great day!

  4. Fun pictures...

    Following from GFC hop. Love for you to stop over to Naptime Review and return the follow when you can ;) Have a great week!


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  6. Hello, I am currently working on a non-commercial website documenting all the films that were shot at Trinity College, Ireland. See http://shotattrinity.com for details. I came across your pictures of filming during Ripper Street and I was hoping you might grant me permission to use them for the website. If so, could you please give me your consent by mailing me through the contact form on the webpage found here: http://shotattrinity.com/contact-us/

    Thanking you in advance, Aidan.