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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Look at my beautiful new blog! I won a blog redesign from Laura @ Girl in Flight and this is the finished product.  I’m absolutely in love with it.  I’ve been telling all of my friends (and maybe even called home to tell my Mom) to check it out.  She really did an amazing job.  Thank you Laura!


That’s basically been the highlight of my week.  My 4th was extremely low key.  I had a few hours of class and a group meeting so most of my day was spent indoors.  The cafe at school was nice enough to decorate itself in red, white, and blue and while walking outside for a few minutes I actually saw a plane fly by with an American flag banner!  So, while I didn’t celebrate too much, it seems like there were celebrations going on. 

I started my third (and second to last) class on Monday. Operations and Supply Chain Management… how exciting. We have class 2 hours a day, four days a week, which means that I’m already a third through the class and I’ll be done in two weeks!  It also means, however, that all the work I could normally spread out over four months must get done in the next two weeks.  I have a presentation for the class on Monday but once that’s done there’s very little standing between me and the end of the course.

Speaking of the end, I booked my flight home.  I’ve been checking flights on a daily basis for the past week or so but I had yet to find the courage to click the “book now” button.  I happened to have my wallet next to me last night and, since having to get up to get my credit card is usually the only thing that stops me from purchasing things online, I decided there was no better time to do it.  So, on Friday August 24th I will be boarding a plane with all of my accumulated goods from the past year and say goodbye to Ireland.  I was surprised at how nervous purchasing the ticket made me.  I know I’ll be back to visit but chances are I will never live here again.  It’s scary to think about but now I know exactly how much time I have left here to enjoy.

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