Olypms... All Day, Erryday.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm not one for abbreviating words but for some reason "Olympics" always comes out as "Olymps".  I really have no explanation for it but I apologize in advance if it slips out via blog.  I also apologize in advance for the number of Olympic related posts that I will inevitably do.

How wonderful were the Opening Ceremonies?  Yes, there were parts that were kind of slow and, of course, it's going to be hard to compare to Beijing, but it's hard not to love a show that took such love, pride, and dedication from the people involved.  They did conveniently skip over the whole "colonization" part of their history but I'll forgive them for that.  I loved the history part but I love the literature part even more.  I may have even gotten a little teary eyed throughout it.  Each of the stories they depicted had a significant impact on my childhood and the fantastical way they represented them in the ceremonies seemed to bring all those stories to life right there in the stadium.  (Also, giant puppet Voldemort actually did scare me a bit!).  And, most importantly, corgis made an appearance (read: stole the show) and any show that has corgis has to be amazing!
Our Opening Ceremony Sangria was delicious, by the way.
( I don't have a pitcher so we used a big pot, don't judge.)
As soon as they were done making it, my friends promptly said
"Erin come take a picture for your blog!" I think that's
the only reason they're friends with me...
And even though there was only a small amount left,
I couldn't let it go to waste.  Again, don't judge!
I have yet to decide if having the Olympics on this week is a good thing or a bad thing.  I don't have classes which means I don't have any real need to get off the couch for the next week, however I also have a final on Friday that I need to study for.  Hopefully I'll find some time for that.

I just watched Irish Boxer John Joe Nevin win his first fight and now we're on to the Men's Road Race Final.  I couldn't drag myself out of bed to watch the qualifying rounds of swimming (yes 10am is too early for me to get out bed, but to be fair I went to bed at 4am.) Luckily the finals aren't on until 7ish tonight.

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