Top 10 Tips For Living In Ireland

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Since my time here in Dublin is quickly coming to a close (and I have a final on Friday that I'm avoiding studying for) I've decided to compile a list of tips for anyone planning on living in or visiting Ireland.  I'm sure there are plenty of more informational and useful tips, but these are the ones that I've personally encountered that I thought were good to know.

1.  If you haven't checked out my Irish Vocab List I would first suggest you go there.  Knowing the difference between those words could save you a lot of trouble when visiting Ireland.

2. If you plan on using public transportation you need to know that you have to hail down the bus you want to stop for you.  Even if you're standing under the bus stop sign, they won't stop unless you put your hand out.  The bus will also almost never be on time so get used to that.

3.  The Irish apparently have a fear that if you blow dry your hair (or use any other electronics) in the bathroom you will somehow turn the shower on and then proceed to fall into said shower, electrocuting yourself.  Because of this there are no electric plugs in the bathroom.  I would suggest investing in a good mirror for your bedroom because you'll soon forget all about the days when you used to get ready in the bathroom.

4. Say goodbye to your iced coffee.  I still haven't figured out why this country hates iced coffee so much but my countdown to home isn't so much to be reunited with my family but more to be reunited with my iced coffee.

5. Invest in a sturdy umbrella.  If you've purchased your umbrella for less than $10 then there is a 98% chance that it will end up as a twisted pile of metal and cloth after it's first use.  Just do yourself a favor and splurge on this one.  That being said, also never leave your house without it.

6.  Girls, discover Penny's.  (Guys, I've never looked to see what Penny's has to offer for you but feel free to also check it out.)  Super cheap clothes (in both price and quality) but you can essentially get a disposable wardrobe without feeling like you're wasting money.

7.  During the summer you may suddenly think that you've been transported to Spain.  No, the weather doesn't get any better, but the Irish flee the country for warmer climates and Spanish students take over.  You're more likely to hear Spanish being spoken in the city than English.  You'll spot them from a mile away because of their neon colored backpacks and/or hats... plus they move in a mob-like fashion.

8.  "Have you tried Guinness?" will be one of the first questions many Irish ask you.  You might as well just go ahead and tell them it tastes better in Ireland because they won't accept otherwise.  Many of them will also be genuinely surprised if you say you like Guinness and drink it at home.  I still don't think any of them believe me when I say I do...

9. Don't worry about tipping.  For great service while at a restaurant maybe 10%, but definitely not at a bar.  My first night out here my drink cost 4 euro so I gave the bartender a 5 and walked away.  He then proceeded to chase me down through a crowd to give me the change.

10. Do not move here if you suffer from seasonal depression.  There is only one season, and it is the depressing one.  


  1. Love your tips! Thank you so much for writing this post! I definitely want to live in Ireland someday and travel there real soon! And I love Guinness! And I'll tell everybody it tastes better in Ireland!

  2. Me and My Handsome Irishman just had a giggle through these!!


  3. haha thats pretty accurate stuff....we get the spanish ones down here as well...the french ones are nearly worse though! Also the bathroom thing drove me mad when I first moved here. I have begrudingly accepted it. People look at me like I have two heads when I tell them that all bathrooms in america have plugs. Also the iced coffee thing...its starting. ohhh so so so slowly, but its starting. When I go home to the states I overload on it. why can't they get on board with the delicious yumminess of it? le sigh! (oh and the seasonal depresson thing? gah! my first winter here was awful! and I gained 30 pounds. depression and cadburys do not mix well.)

  4. This was awesome! I have always been a fan of Guinness -- but actually did find it to be better in Ireland! Nothing like drinking it fresh from the Storehouse either. Funny, because I lived in Spain for 4 months and we saw lots of Germans and Brits, but barely anyone from Ireland. Also the bus nonsense is absolutely true also! Ask a local how to use the system and they'll just sort of shrug and say "most people ride bikes here"

  5. I love the one about no plugs in the bathrooms! That's actually really interesting! When my family and I visit India on summer vacation, there are never any plugs in the bathroom either and it's always a pain to get ready in the mornings, so I can relate! New follower from the GFC hop, and would love a follow back :)

    My Musings

  6. New follower from the GFC hop! Love your blog.
    Have a great week!

  7. Hi Erin! The name of your blog caught my eye at the GFC hop(probably because my name is also Erin). I'm a new follower and am looking forward to seeing what it's like to live in Ireland (we've only visited there).

  8. Ha! Love the Irish and especially their accent! Thanks for sharing!

    Hannah from I am a lifestyle blog

  9. Great post! I think the bathroom thing is funny, also the guy chasing you down to give you change lol

  10. Aaaah!!! I just came over from the follow party and I'm sooo glad I did! I'm thinking about possibly maybe backpacking through Europe and Ireland is on my must see list, so this is perfect!

  11. Regarding number five, I actually stopped using an umbrella when I lived in Ireland. It was simply pointless. It would just break and you would still get wet since it also rains horizontally! And I still don't use umbrellas. I use hooded jackets instead.

  12. In my early twenties I moved to England. I lived in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall and London. Wales was my favourite and Ireland was my second favourite. I LOVE England. It was completely different from everything I am accostomed to, as I live in Trinidad. However, the drastic change didn't upset me at all...I adored it and I wished that I could have stayed longer.

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