"Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream"

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The above quote, originally from the Beatles, was my mom's high school yearbook quote.  We make fun of her for it because it shows what a huge hippie she was back in the day.  It is, however, something I feel like can be pretty applicable these days.  I often fall into the habit of putting my head phones in, tuning out the world, and going about my day.  I don't enjoy crowds so generally the headphones allow me to pretend that I'm the only one out there and it makes everything a little easier.

Yesterday after my run I sat on the edge of the Liffey for about 45 minutes listening to music and doing some field research (studying seagulls for something I'm writing... don't ask).  It's amazing how you can  get lost in the music and let your imagination wander.  It's at times like these that I think I'm at my creative peak and I can't get enough of it.

There are other times, however, where you just want to see and hear everything around you...  live in the real world for a moment.

It doesn't happen often enough but today I went for a walk around the city centre sans headphones.  Grafton Street is generally a place I avoid because it get so crowded but today I just strolled down it, enjoying the street performers and popping into a few stores along the way.  I treated myself to some gelato and then to some Subway.  It was a very nice day out and even with the crowds I felt very zen-like (a rare occurrence for me!).  I know I won't get to walk these streets that many more times so I'm really soaking it all in at this point.

I sold my bike and did a few errands that I've been putting off for months.  I then wandered through Trinity.  It really was a great afternoon and the only thing I did differently was disconnect myself from my music and enjoy the sights and sounds around me.  And, while it was totally different from yesterday's river side reflection, I did get some good fodder for writing.
Molly Malone
Passion Fruit Gelato!
And more Trinity


  1. "I don't enjoy crowds so generally the headphones allow me to pretend that I'm the only one out there and it makes everything a little easier."

    i agree with you on that. I do that all the time, esp when I'm at the outdoor malls alone. It feels like I own the world and the other people is renting it, hahaha...

    1. Malls are definitely the worst! I think I would enjoy shopping a bit more if it didn't involve all the other people...

  2. My yearbook never had quotes a bit of a bummer

    1. That's sad! I don't think I used a quote in mine... just a bunch of references to inside jokes or events that don't make sense anymore.

  3. that quote is exactly what i have to hear right now. thank you

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy the blog!