Weekly Running Recap # 5 / 2nd Month Check-In

Friday, August 3, 2012

Yesterday I linked up with Kristen @ All In My Twenties and Raven @ A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers  for the Inspire Me: Healthy link up.  I didn't have time to actually write a post because of my final so I just linked my running page.  I got so many wonderful and supportive comments that I wanted to make sure I still shared the link in case you wanted to join in on the link up, too!
A Mommas Desires And Pacifiers

Two months!  I'm very shocked that I've managed to run consistently for two months.  I really didn't know if I was going to find the motivation to really stick with it but I have and I feel great.  I don't have a scale here in Dublin to see how it has paid off in the weight department but I feel so much better than I was just a few months ago.  Everything feels tighter and smoother and (most importantly) I feel healthy again.  I can't blame it on Dublin but I let myself believe that I was just studying abroad for a semester and ignored the fact that I'm living here and not just on vacation. Thanks to the running I've finally stopped acting like that and it has really made me feel better all around.

When I first started this running challenge I thought "I want to run a 5k" so I went out and ran 3 miles on day 1.  I knew I could physically do it but I was miserable and hated the thought of doing it again.  After a few days of that I started from scratch where I started off alternating walking and running for 30 minutes at a time until I was running more than walking and eventually was just running.  Tomorrow is the week I start at the full 5k distance.  I've taken my time working up to that distance but it is such a different feeling from when I tried doing it two months ago.  I think it was hard for me to accept the fact that just because I know I'm capable of doing something doesn't mean I do it well.  Sure I could run three miles... that didn't make me a runner.  I feel like a runner now though.  I can do the run and I feel good while doing it.

Not only have I been feeling great about the quality of my current runs, but I've started thinking about where I'm going to go from here.  Being happy while running a 5k seemed so impossible that I didn't think I'd consider anything more than that.  Now that I'm about to reach that goal, I can't help but wonder what's next.  I think I'll stick with the 3 mile distance for the next few weeks (mainly because I don't have enough room to run more than that!)  But I have a feeling that I'm not going to be able to stop myself at just 3 miles!


Saturday: 2.75 mile run.  I need to clarify previous statements I've made where I've said that I enjoy running in the rain.  I enjoy running in Dublin rain.  Today when I left for my run it was sunny but about half way through the skies opened up.  This was the type of rain I'm used to in the summer at home.  It was the type of rain where people just had to stop walking and hide under umbrellas because any type of movement would soak you.  I was drenched and ended up having to take shelter under a tree.  I still don't HATE the rain but I think this needs to be a lesson to avoid running in the rain when I'm back in the US because if it's not Dublin rain then it's probably going to be too heavy to run comfortably in it.  Other than that this run was great!  I'm still loving my new playlist... some of my favorite songs on it are Sabotage by the Beastie Boys and How You Like Me Now by the Heavy.

Sunday: 2.75 mile run. Another benefit of weekend running is that I can sing along with my music without bothering other people.  I am also a pretty awesome air-guitarist... even while running!

Monday: Rest Day/Cleaning Day. My landlord called to asked if he could do a final inspection Tuesday morning.  I thought about squeezing in a run but I'm glad I didn't.  I don't know if there is a better workout than frantically cleaning an entire apartment!

Tuesday: 2.75 mile run.  Rain.  This entire run consisted of rain.  It wasn't as heavy as Saturday's rain but it was cold rain.  I think this was the hardest / fastest I've run so far.  It actually felt really good!

Wednesday: 2.75 mile run. Less than stellar run.  I have another final on Friday so my mind was only half on my run.  Even though the run itself wasn't as good as my others this week I was happy that I got out there.  In most cases that is the hardest part so I'm glad I did it anyway!

Thursday & Friday: Rest Days.  I didn't want to do two rest days in a row but I had avoided studying for so long that I needed to really crack down on Thursday and the mental exhaustion from the studying / exam taking has led me to realized that Friday will be dedicated to my couch and the Olympics.  Starting fresh tomorrow though!

Total Miles:  11 miles


  1. Congrats on running for two months straight! Wow, that's commitment. Bloggers like you inspire me to get out there and start running!


    1. You should! It's not easy but honestly nothing in life is! I really think starting slow helped me. Even if it's just walking for 30 minutes a day you can just push yourself a little bit more each day until you reach your goal.

  2. You go, girl! Two months is a long time! I'm really proud of you (:
    I really want to start running, but I just don't know how! I mean, I can churn out 3, 4 miles reading all my blogs on the elliptical easily, but once it comes to pounding the pavement, all my motivation evaporates! What should I do?

    My Musings

    1. Setting small goals for each day and starting slowly was really what made the difference for me. Give yourself 30 minutes and alternate walking and running, slowing building up to more running than walking. My biggest issue was always the boredom so I have to frequently remind myself that it's only a half hour. Having a great play list really helps, too!

  3. Great work outs! Found you via blog hops!

  4. GREAT WORKOUTS! :) You go girl!
    And yes sometimes starting small is the way to go that way you dont burn out your body! You are doing fabulous!

  5. My runs are similar to yours; I started with alternating walking and running, now trying to make the running time outweigh the walking time until I can just get out a solid run. It's so much harder than I thought it would be but it feels amazing!

  6. 11 miles in one week is awesome! And I am also a big fan of the jog/walk-- it gets my heart rate up and down = pounds off!

  7. Congrats on running for two months straight, it gets addicting doesn't it. I'm still not up to a full 5K run yet and I've been doing it most of the summer. Good luck to the both of us, and glad to see you on the link-up.

    @ Cut the Crap

  8. 2 months!! THAT IS AMAZING!!

    Good for you lady!!

    Thanks for linking up!! We love having you!