25 in my 25th

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I've seen these popping up all over the blogging world and I've decided that I might as well do a list of my own.  Here are 25 things I hope to accomplish during my 25th year of life.  Wish me luck!

1.  Start a garden
2. Get a puppy
3. See the Grand Canyon
4. Get a new wardrobe
5. Get a job
6. Send out Christmas Cards
7. Get a car
8. Become a runner
9. Knit something
10. Go skydiving again
11. Finish at least one of my stories
12. Start a skin care regime
13. Invest in accessories
14. Go paintballing
15. Visit a psychic
16. Purge my room
17.  Run a 5k
18. Do a wine tasting
19. Go away for a girls weekend*
20. Start planning a cruise
21. Visiting a shooting range
22. Be and extra in a movie
23. Volunteer somewhere
24. Fly in a hot-air balloon
25. Learn to surf

*I know I'm cheating with this one since I had my girls weekend before I turned 25, but it was put on my list before I knew when we'd go so I'm counting it anyway!


  1. Great list! I would loooooooove to fly in a hot air balloon!!

  2. i love this list and idea.. and im sure you will accomplish all of these :)

  3. I like these
    1 - because I like flowers
    11 - because I like writing stories
    15 - because it made me laugh
    22 - because I was an extra about 3 times