Liebster Award #3!

Friday, September 21, 2012

My amazing cousin Kayla over at Simple Bliss has nominated me for another Liebster Award!  I think I've shared every remotely interesting fact about myself before, but I love answering questions so I'm going to focus on that!

The questions Kayla gave me are:

What are you passionate about?
I wrote a post a while back about how I didn't really feel passionate about anything.  I love traveling but it's not something I think about all the time when I'm not traveling.  I also love reading and writing but, again, I'll go a while without doing either of those sometimes.  I wish I was one of those people who knew exactly what I wanted to do and loved it but I'm just not.  The upside of this is that I try and experience a lot of different things in search for that one thing I might be passionate about!
Cozy night in, or crazy night out?
Cozy night in... almost always.  I enjoy going out once in a while but my favorite nights involve a good tv show or movie and maybe some wine if I'm feeling crazy.
Wardrobe must-haves?
Scarves.  The one accessory I've invested in. (They were a must have when living in Dublin!)  A nice scarf can spruce up any outfit which makes my struggle with picking out clothes much easier.
Jeans & a Tee, or decked out diva?
Jeans and a tee.  I wish I was more of a fashionista but I hate shopping.  I've considered trying to find someone to be a personal shopper for me because I'd love some nice outfits but I don't want to have to put them together myself!
What is your drink of choice?
I'm a beer or wine girl.  If you asked me in college those would have been at the bottom of my list, but I avoid hard alcohol at all costs these days.
If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?
Pizza and ice cream.  Healthy, I know.  I would be sick to my stomach for the rest of my life but they are too delicious to pass up.
Are you a crazy pet mom?
I would be if I had a pet!  I've been obsessively looking at dogs online and I do plan on getting one soon.  Be ready for numerous pics of my future pet!
What are your 3 favorite places to shop?
-Target to get everything in one stop
-My local used book store
-Can't think of a third... can I say the ice cream   stand? 
What is your favorite book and why?
I would have to say Harry Potter (I'm counting the whole story as one giant book.)  Those books defined my childhood so even if I've read something better it still couldn't compete with the impact HP had on my life. (Dork, I know.)
Coffee or Tea?
I always start my day with at least one cup of coffee and then I'll have several cups of tea (green generally) throughout the day.
When you get married (or if you already are) do you want a huge, extravegant wedding or would you prefer a simple and intimate wedding?
In between.  I definitely don't want anything extravagant but I want to make sure that all of my friends and family are there and that we have a big bash.


  1. Dogs are awesome pets! They're such a big part of the family! Goodluck finding the perfect pooch!

  2. Colorful scarves really add a dash of fun and color to any dull outfit.