7. Get a car

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Before even coming home from Dublin I started looking at cars online.  If I had any hope of finding a job, I knew I was going to need a car as soon as I got home.  I wanted something newer (but when your current car is 15 years old, really everything is new!).   After doing a lot of research and doing a lot of browsing I decided that I wanted a Ford Fusion.  The Fusion is a slightly higher end car so what I could find in my price range were about 5-6 years old, many with close to 100k miles on them.  Then I found this one.  It's only 4 years old with 66k on it and much cheaper than the others I was looking at.  ( I probably should have been wary, but I figured even if it need $3,000 in repairs I'd still be getting it cheaper than the older/more milage cars.)

So after looking at it, agreeing to buy it, and getting approval for a bank loan, I waited.  Because of the fact that it was a private sale, the weird demands of the bank, and the fact that the car's title was held in Minnesota it took me a month and a half to finally get it.  It was a huge test of my patience but I some how made it through without going crazy.  (Two days after starting this process I got a job which means I've been car pooling with my mom everyday since I started work!)

But, if you know me at all, you know that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  I think they actually wrote Murphy's Law for me.

I handed over the money, got the title and the key, drove half way down the street and then realized something was really wrong.  The steering wheel was way out of line.  I pulled over into a parking lot to see that the front left tire was 100% flat.  Thank god my dad was with me.  He got down on the ground in the pouring rain to jack the car up only to find that the jack itself was broken.  So then my father and I spent the next hour waiting for AAA.  Luckily they were able to change the tire and luckily the spare wasn't flat (my last flat tire experience involved a flat spare so I'm kind of scarred).

Today I took the tire to see if it could be fixed.  Not only can it NOT be fixed... but all of the other tires are close to being in the same condition.  aka- I need to buy 4 new tires.  Well, there's about $600 of that $3,000 I was referring to earlier.

Sigh.  This really is the story of my life.  On the bright side, the car looks awesome.  I took it to the car wash today and got all the fixings and it's looking beautiful.  I'm just hoping that after these tires are replaced that everything goes smoothly... but really we all know that won't happen!

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