Election Time

Monday, November 5, 2012

I just read my pessimistic but pretty accurate post from four years ago, and I figured it was time to address the topic of politics again.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I despise politics and yet I follow them very closely.   I like to know what people are saying, what they really mean, and what they are trying to hide from us. I will gladly talk politics with people but whether you are a democrat or a republican, I will always play devil's advocate.

I don't understand why every four years we find ourselves in the same situation.  Two parties with polar opposite views, trash talking and skewing facts to try to convince you that they are the good guy and the other person is evil.

The biggest problem with this is that there are more moderate Americans than there are of either party and yet we still find ourselves with only two options.  So much of it comes down to money.  The Democratic and Republican parties are the two with money so no other parties matter.

Is it so hard to believe that many Americans feels that all people should have the right to marry but also feel that our government needs to stop excessive spending?

It comes down to which is more important to you, but you can't have both.

Why do we have to raise taxes or cut taxes?  Isn't is possible that we just keep them the way they are and figure out a way to work with what we've got?

I've only been eligible to vote in two presidential elections now but I just see it getting more divided every year.  I'm truly just tired of the way the system is currently functioning because let's be honest... it's not.

At least I know at the end of the day tomorrow I won't have to watch another political commercial or get another candidate phone call.  And, while I don't see much progress coming from either party over the next four years, I will again hold out hope that the next election will be a new kind of election where we actually have candidates that a majority of Americans can support.  But I guess that might be asking for too much. 

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