Saturday, January 26, 2013

The title of this post is really the only way to describe this day. 

I sold a $90 book through back in December and last week received a package from the post office with the package that I had mailed... empty.  The book had been lost so I had to send in a request to look for it which I did right away. I let the buyer know and they immediately reported me to Half emailed me, saying that if I did not responded with the date it was shipped and the tracking number, the $90 would be debited from my account.  Obviously, I responded right away with the information.  Today I get and email saying that the money is being taken from my account.  Of course I quickly send back a WTF email to which they essentially reply, "you're shit outta luck."  

The tracking number does not provide any information on the USPS website which they said could be because the package was lost and, although I fulfilled all of my duties as a seller, they get to decided who is at fault and they've decided it was me. They say I should have bought an insurance policy.  I'm sorry but shouldn't it be the person buying the book that is responsible for that?  It also sucks that when I sent the search request in I told them that when it was found to send it directly to the buyer who now has his $90 back and will be getting a free book in a few weeks.  Needless to say I'm pretty pissed and have sent some strongly worded emails back to half.... ok, I actually just begged them to give me my money back but if they shut me down again I'll get angry.  Oh, they also called me "Christopher" in their emails.   Not sure why they think that is my name but it certainly doesn't make me any happier with them.

On top of that my laptop is dead.  I was using it the other day when the screen went black.  It wasn't off because if you got really close you could still see the screen but the only way I could get it to light up again was closing it and putting it to sleep and then opening it up to wake it up again.  This would last for about 30 seconds before it did it again.  Finally I decided to plug it in and that worked for a while.  Now its doing it even while plugged in.  I thought maybe taking the (one year old) battery out and putting it back in would help but nope. So essentially my laptop now just acts as a giant charger for my iphone.  Granted it's going on 7 years old now, but it's not what I needed today.

This means that I have to use the computer in our basement.  Of course today the heat in the basement decided it didn't want to work.. when its 15 degrees out.   So while I'm sending all of these angry emails my fingers are numbing and are about ready to fall off.  And of course when I get this angry I just need to rant via blog so  I have to stay down here longer to get all my typing done at once.  I apologize if most of this is incoherent.  I'm typing fast so I don't freeze to death and I can't actually feel my fingers hit the keyboard anymore.

And, to top it all off, my mother just came down here to ask me to go online and buy my sister a text book for this semester... from my newest arch nemesis.  


  1. ohh that sucks so bad. Hope they do refund you your money! I'd be so ticked!

  2. omgosh ERIN!! this post made me mad for you but i laughed too. your're funny. i would be pissed at too its not your fault, i really hope they take your e-mails into consideration and stop calling you christopher! miss you xo