Downton and Shopping

Saturday, January 12, 2013

This has seemed like the longest week in recent memory.  I think it was partially because it was the first full week back after the holiday season and partially because of some stressful situations with a family member.  Big shout out to my wonderful cousins Kayla and Hope who, without asking any questions, showed up when I needed them most.  I really appreciate it, ladies!

On Saturday morning before anyone else was up I decided to pop on an episode of Downton Abbey.  Eventually my mom came down and started watching, then my father joined and before we new it, it was nighttime and we had watched the entire first season.  We did the same thing on Sunday with the second season.  If you haven't guessed, they loved the show.  We'll be watching the third season as they air in the US.  I feel so bad for my parents because they are blissfully unaware of how devastating the third season is.  I feel like I should warn them but I don't want to be the bearer of bad news.  FYI if you haven't caught up on Downton DO IT!  It's a great show and I enjoyed it as much the second time as I did the first!

On a completely random note, does anyone have any recommendations for a good place to buy clothes online?  I really dislike malls but I need to work on my wardrobe.  I'm getting sick of rotating the same few outfits every week at work but actually getting to the store to buy something new is just hard for me to do.  A recommendation for a good shop online would be great.  Better yet, anyone want to be my personal shopper?  


  1. Depends on your style, to find a good place online for clothes, but check out H&M. They're sorta like designer-ish clothes for good prices. I like their stuff a lot, and they have sales all the time. I hate malls too. There's always Pacsun and Zumiez online too, but those tend to be more expensive. CCS is great if you're into skater stuff at all... hope that helps!

  2. If you're looking for office clothes, I would recommend checking out New York and Company, especially if you can catch them when they're having a sale.

    Another one of my favorites is They have a pretty good mix of office and casual. I would also wait until they have sale though. I hate spending an arm and a leg on clothes, so I always wait until I can buy things on sale and get a lot for a little!

  3. :) :) I still need to find some time to watch Downton on my computer! Hopefully one night this week I can at least start it.