Dreaming of Summer

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Anyone who knows me, or anyone who has read this blog even a couple times, knows that I love weather.  Any and all kinds of weather.  Snow storms, thunder storms, spring days, summer nights.  I love it all.  I couldn't plan to live outside of New England for more than a few years.  Living in a few places with different climates has just confirmed this for me.

Although winter has always been my favorite season, I've been dreaming of summer lately. You see, I completely missed out on the last summer.  It has been a looong 17 months since I've really experienced a summer.  I left for Ireland in August of 2011 and the warmest it ever got in my entire time in Dublin was about 70 degrees... for a day.  There wasn't a single day that I was able to leave my apartment without at least a sweater and my shorts never saw the light of day.  I didn't return to the US until the end of August 2012 and by then summer was on it's way out the door.  It was still warmer than it had ever been in Dublin, but it was short lived.  As much as I love everything about winter, I am eagerly awaiting summer... or at least a warm spring!

I took the dog out for a walk this morning and was shocked at how warm it was out!  This past week has been between 1 and 19 degrees.  I was sure today it must have been close to 50.  Then I looked at my phone:
Well...  I guess I was slightly off.  It's amazing how warm 34 feels when you've spent a few days in the teens.

Unfortunately this just fueled my desire for summer and we still have a few months of winter ahead of us!

The baby told me she can't wait for spring either!


  1. I said the same thing on our walk this morning! Neveah is such a doll!!!

  2. Reading this made me chuckle a little bit, because living in Florida means I dread summer. Too hot and humid to do anything but stay inside. I never thought I would say this, but I miss the seasons. Having what is basically the same season all year is really, really boring.