Get Busy

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I need to be kept busy.  When I'm not busy I do silly things like get tattoos, rip down walls in my house, and quit my job and move to Europe.  If I don't have something to completely absorb myself with, I tend to find myself doing drastic things.  Generally, once I get something in my mind I do not stop thinking about it until I've accomplished it.  I think I enjoy the days and weeks I spend researching things more than the actually end result, but either way it becomes a borderline obsession.  Finding a job, buying a car, and getting a puppy were my three big to-dos when coming home from Ireland, and I was sure those would occupy me for at least six months but they were all done in three.

Luckily between work and my puppy I have been finding myself pretty busy, however as I begin to feel more comfortable at work and as my dog becomes less of a crazy person, I start to feel that antsy twitchy feeling.  I can appease it a little bit by getting caught up in a new tv show or starting a new book, but that only works for so long.

Because I'm hoping to keep this job for a few years at least, I have to be very careful with what I do next.  My most recent thoughts have led me down the home buying route.  I've had intentions of buying a two family home but I'm so new at my job that I need to put this one off for a while.  I think I'd be able to save the money for a down payment in two years but until I feel more secure I need to not let those thoughts enter my mind.

So instead I've been trying to focus on getting my student loans down.  I think this will be a post for another day, but I've made a lot of calculations, done a lot of research, and set a lofty goal of getting my loans paid of as soon as I can without also making myself completely broke.  It will also be a big help when I actually am ready to buy a house and I don't have such massive debt.

Now if only these urges came in the form of losing weight or cleaning my room.

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  1. i know what you're talking about. when i have nothing to do i just...blah. i need to keep myself busy.

    best wishes for your job, Erin :)