Bring on the Snow!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Well if you haven't heard you must be living under a rock... and if you're living under a rock in New England you better start relocating now.  We're getting a storm.  It seems like it might be a serious one at that.  I know we generally hype this stuff up and then nothing comes of it, but now I feel like because we assume we're hyping it up we actually going to get hit hard... it's reverse -reverse psychology. 
Look at how serious Al is.
I'm currently in the 18-24 range with chances of up to 3 feet.

That little red dot is me, just in case anyone wants to
come hang out during the storm.

I'm excited.  I know we may lose power and I'm sure there will be damage but I will not pretend I'm not excited. We're definitely in the quiet before the storm right now.  It looks beautiful out.  It's also extremely quiet at work, hence the blogging during the day. 

I'm supposed to drive up to Concord, NH tomorrow to see an old friend in his national tour of A Chorus Line, however my expectations of actually making it there are dropping.  From what I've heard, it's unlikely that they will cancel but the drive is about 50 minutes on a good day and I just don't think it will be possible with two feet of snow and severe wind gusts.

Well, I've just finished the lamest salad ever so I'm off the the cafe to buy cookies or something. 

Any one else out there prepping for the storm?


  1. Apparently, I am living under a rock because I had no idea a big storm was going to hit the Northeast. Of course, when you live in a place where the weather is the same day in and day out, watching forecasts pretty much becomes pointless. Hang in there! Stay warm!

    1. That's how it was in Dublin, too. You never had to check because you'd know it was going to be cool with a chance of rain. At least your weather is consistently nice!

  2. Oh yeah! I'm in the 12-18 but we always seem to get more than they say here in the mountains. Good luck down there! Wish we were getting three feet! Close enough I guess lol