Diet Bet

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm not big on dieting.  I fully believe that eating right and exercising is the key to a healthy weight (duh!).  Unfortunately, I don't always eat right and I definitely don't always exercise.  My problem is generally motivation.  I would much rather read a book or watch a good tv show than trek to a gym or go out for a run in the middle of winter.

Erica House is a blogger I've been following for a while.  I'd suggest you go check out her blog if you're looking for some inspiration because she seems to have turned her health (and maybe her life!) around completely.  She is running a program through a website called DietBet.  I hadn't heard of it before her most recent blog post but I have to say I was intrigued.  You can check out her explanation here, but basically it is a bet you make.  $20 in at the start, and after a month if you've lost 4% of your body weight you split the pot with all those who hit the 4% mark.  Which means if you lose the 4%, you get your $20 back plus some.
Some of the things I like about this:

  • Who doesn't like wagering a little money now and then?
  • Who isn't more motivated when their money is on the line?
  • The bet lasts for a month which is a completely reasonable timeframe to maintain some healthier eating and some increased exercise (though obviously the greater goal is to continue beyond that!)
  • 4% is a completely reasonable number to lose in a month.  It won't require anything drastic, but it would make enough of an impact that I would be pretty happy

    And most importantly,
  • Bathing suit season is quickly approaching and I haven't been on a beach in almost two years!
Anyway, the bet starts on Monday so if you're interested go check it out.  I think it sounds pretty cool.  Plus, if you lose I get your money!


  1. omg. this is BRILLIANT. I've never heard of this!!! Gonna share this with my friends... Thanks for this!

  2. love love love the new layout, good job!!! so excited about this push of motivation- just took my weigh in shots!! xo

    1. Thanks, Kayla! I'm excited to start... the pot is already up to $820!