Down Time

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It is pretty quiet in the office today.  I don't know if I've had this light of a schedule since I started here almost five months ago.  I don't like it.  Normally the day flies by but today is dragging.  As stressful as the job can get, I'd much prefer that over having too much down time.

Last night was my first run in my half marathon training.  Overall, it went great.  It's funny how much less daunting 3 miles seems when I know it is going to be the shortest run I will do in the next 10 weeks.  I took my time with it since I really haven't run in months (I'm ignoring all the websites that say you should be running consistently for at least 4 weeks before starting).

I took my dog out for the first half which was tough.  When he was smaller I could kind of just drag him along during a run, but now that he's about half my body weight when he stops it's like having an anchor attached to my arm.  I'm sure watching me clothesline myself with a leash is highly amusing to all of my neighbors.

I also had to take a 2 minute break in the middle of the run to chase the dog around after he slipped out of his collar when I pulled him too close to a storm drain.

After 1.5 miles I dropped the dog off at the house since I'm actually supposed to be focusing on running.  I wouldn't say it was easy, but it definitely wasn't too hard.  We'll see how I feel at the end of the week, but I think this whole half marathon thing might actually be possible.  


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