My Dog Is A Weirdo

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My dog is strange.  I really do love him, but it's hard to ignore his quirks.  I generally take him for a walk every morning before work and every afternoon when I get home.  He was always afraid of storm drains (understandable), but he was also petrified of puddles, my driveway, cars, the mailman, mailboxes, and low hanging branches.  I thought he had gotten over most of these fears but then Nemo hit.

After the storm sidewalks were obviously covered with a few feet of snow and there wasn't much room to avoid puddles and the occasional ice patch. Each time I've tried to take him out he has freaked out, leaped into the nearest snow bank, and refused to move.  I've tried dragging him, coaxing him with treats, and have even tried tricking him.  

I will admit that I'm a little hurt.  I think a fear of ice, mysterious puddles, and storm drains is healthy.  I do not think, however, that his debilitating fear that I will be the one to drag him into a puddle or push him down a storm drain is all that healthy.  This is was I get for dragging him to the vet to de-man him, I guess.

Finally tonight, six attempted walks since Nemo, we managed to make it around the block.  It was still a struggle but he only lept into the snow bank a few times and I think that was just because it looked more fun than walking on the road. 

But Mom, you told me to always use the side walk! 
He apparently can't see the 12 feet of dry road
Chaos after the struggle 
Not the driveway!!
Luckily, after a long battle on the roads he can still sit down and fully enjoy the Westminster Dog Show.  


Do your pets have any weird quirks?  I know I'm not alone!!


  1. My cat is basically one big weird quirk....
    I really wouldnt worry about it at all!! The picture of him lying in the snow is BRILLIANT!!!

  2. That's adorable! Probably not so much when you're trying to walk him, but from an outsider's perspective it's cute and funny.
    Thumper, our rabbit, will literally pick up his food dish in his teeth and drop it off the platform in his cage when it gets to be almost empty as if to say, "hey guys, I need some more food here."
    I just discovered your blog through the Bloggers Coast to Coast map on Whispering Sweet Nothings and am looking forward to reading more from you.