My First Running Injury

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Well, guys, it has finally happened.  I have gotten my first running injury. 
Just kidding... that's Curt Shilling's sock.  I realize not all of you are Red Sox fans (or even know who the Red Sox are) so you might not recognize this sock but it was just sold at auction for almost $93,000.

My injury did involve a bloody sock, though.  It was just a little bit blood and it didn't even bleed through. Lame. One of my toenails (who shall henceforth be named Brutus) stabbed it's neighbor. I felt it while running but didn't think it was actually cutting my other toe. Just FYI, I do trim my toe nails on a regular basis... this one apparently just wanted to be a bully.

It may be a long and difficult recovery... but we will prevail.


  1. ahaha, i saw curts sock on the news! can you believe that?? and what a bully brutus is!

  2. Ouch, so sorry! Hope it does not hurt anymore.
    Somebody paid 93000 dollars for a bloody sock? Wow!

  3. Better question is, what do you do with a bloody sock after you spend $93,000 to get it?