Real Talk Tuesday: College

Monday, February 25, 2013

Simple Bliss

Now that I am finally done with school and am actively paying student loans, I have a lot to say about college.  I think I was both lucky and unlucky to have started before the economy crash.

I was lucky because I had two years of blissful ignorance.  Taking on large amounts of debt was the norm at the time so it was just a matter of choosing the school that offered me the most money.  Because of financial aid and scholarships I would have actually had to pay more to go to a state school so I happily went private.  I don't even think most of the kids I graduated with truly knew how much debt they were going to be facing when they got out.  We had spent our lives being told "you've got to do well in high school, go to college, and get a good job."  They left out the part about the near crippling debt.

Then the economy crashed.  The free money the school had given me for two years was gone and I suddenly realized how ridiculously expense school was.  Luckily my master's degree has put me in a position where I can aggressively pay off my loans but no one mentioned to me in high school that I would have to live with my parents for a few years because I couldn't afford to live on my own.

What is worse is that prices have only risen.  I have younger cousins who are either just starting college or beginning the search and I have had a very hard time telling them to go private because at this point I honestly I just don't know if it is worth it.

Did I enjoy myself for four years? Absolutely.  Do I think it was worth $120,000*? Definitely not! I got a degree in history... I loved every minute of it but I wish someone had told me how much better off I would be with degree in business or engineering. To be fair my mom told me pretty much every day to become an engineer and I didn't listen.

I don't know if it's just because I am older now or if it's because of the wake up call of the economy crash but I just do not think I can value a college education the way I did before.  I think many people can become highly successful without a degree and others need several degrees to obtain their dream jobs.  I just wish there was more education about different options BEFORE starting college so that we weren't already predicting the country's next bubble burst.

*Thank god this is not the amount I owe!

Sorry for the rant on that one!  Tell us what your views are on college and higher education! Dont forget to link up below and add the button to your page!


  1. I hear everything you're saying. I can't fathom why, aside from capitalism, an education is so expensive. It doesn't sit well with me. Education and the sharing of knowledge should be as close to free as possible. I've only spent one semester in college and my employer paid for it...unfortunately I didn't have the time to continue going. I would love to have a college education but I'm determined to make it in this world without one if I have to.

  2. Kinda makes me want to go to college in Germany (it's virtually free, basically because of high taxes). I'm about to graduate from a public university and heading to graduate school to earn a Master's. It's what I need to do to get licensed in my field (architecture). It may suck, but if it's what I want to do, I guess I value that goal over the cost of education.