Working From Home

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pretty much everyone in my department decided yesterday that we would all work from home today so of course I wasn't going to argue otherwise.  Who doesn't want to work in the their pjs?

I woke up this morning thinking, "ooh I can even write a post about how awesome working from home is!" As it hits 4:00, however, I've decided that it's definitely not all it's cracked up to be.

I always feel like I could get my work done a lot quicker if the goal was to just get it done as soon as possible.  I generally don't have a problem filling a 9 hour work day in the office, however I know there are certain tasks that could be done quicker.  Working from home allows me to spend half the time getting the same work done, and leaves me with plenty of time for other tasks.  I managed to have some play time with the pup, do two weeks worth of laundry, vacuum  and take a shower in the middle of the day... all while getting my normal work load completed.

Realistically though this probably just means I'm spending the same amount of time on the work because of the constant distractions.   We currently have seven people in the house and a crazy puppy.  I have probably only put in about 4 hours of work even though I've been logged into my work computer for about 8 hours now.  Chances are I'll end up doing some more work tomorrow to make up for the time I've wasted today.

So, while I think working from home would allow me to get my work done in less time,  I don't think that counts for snow days when there is a hoard of people hopped up on hot coco running around my house.

How do you feel about working from home?  Is it better or worse than working from an office?
Mac's ready to be snowed in!

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  1. at my old job we were able to work from home often due to snow and i realized how much i really didnt like it. i had to force myself to do my work instead of lounging or doing chores around the house. its def. not all its cracked up to be- for me anyway. i mean it is better than driving in a blizzard so i would take it :) but otherwise i think id stick with working at my desk at the office.