Half Marathon Training - Week 1

Sunday, March 3, 2013

This week has really been great in terms of running.  I've hard a hard time getting my dog to run consistently with me (and there is nothing worse than carrying a bag of poop for three miles) but even with that all of my runs this week were better than expected.

I was definitely focusing more on consistency over speed.  Even though I felt like I was going slower than I should, I wanted to make sure I knew I could comfortably run the distance before I even thought about time. 

 I was thrilled when I ran my four mile "long" run without stopping.  I'm sure at some point in my life I have run four miles (flashbacks to some painful high school lacrosse practices) but I do not think I've run four miles just for fun.  I was also very proud of my pacing and managed to stay consistent the first two miles.  The third mile had two steep hills and one long hill so naturally it took a little longer but I managed to get back on track for the fourth so I'm thrilled.

It may have been because of all my new gear, or because I was running in the daylight for the first time in weeks, or because I decided to leave the dog at home, but this run made me feel really good about the whole decision to run this half marathon.

Oh, by the way, we have decided to do a different half marathon which is a week later than planned.  This just means I went from 10 weeks of training to 11.  Not a huge difference but I think I will just repeat the first week so I can really build a strong base before I start getting into bigger numbers.

Week 1


  1. I know a few people training for half marathons and I have to say, those of you who do it have all my respect. The training you all do is seriously insane. :)

  2. Good job keeping with the program! Out of curiosity what program / site do you use to keep track of your stuff like the picture you posted? I don't know about running but for cycling there is a sweet app called Strava where you can track your workouts and compete with other people too. But it may also work for running, who knows.. I'm the competitive type haha, so I like that sort of thing!

    1. I just use Map My Run at this point. There are so many apps out there but I like how easy it is to track my runs with the gps in MMR.