Half Marathon Training: Week Four

Saturday, March 23, 2013

This has been a great week for running.  I've given up trying to get the dog to run with me.  I think eventually he'll be a great running partner but for now I've been taking him for a short walk then bringing him back home and headed out for my run.  Once the snow is finally gone and we can avoid the drains etc. I think he'll be much better.

We started puppy school for Mac on Monday which meant that it was a treadmill run that night.  Treadmill runs are miserable... even a few miles feels like an eternity.

We had (another) snow storm on Tuesday but luckily the roads were clear enough to get in four miles on Wednesday.  I was amazed to see how "hard" running on the treadmill is compared to outside.  I can go at a pace at least a minute faster when I'm outside and I enjoy it so much more.  It's a win-win and it makes me dislike the treadmill even more.

Thursday's run was great, too.  The air has been very cold but once I get moving and warm up it feels like the perfect temp.  I'm already nervous about trying to run a few months from now when it's actually hot!

Today Alanna and I attempted to run on another rail trail.  It was, of course, buried in snow.  We ended up running around a random town for six miles.  It wasn't bad but I would have much preferred the trail. If I had known how many rail trails existed in this area I think I would have gotten into running a lot sooner.  I love the idea that all of these towns are repurposing the old rail roads.  It throws a little history into the mix.  I also like the more scenic car free environment they provide.

We are very attractive runners.

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