Half Marathon Training: Week Three

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I realize I kind of skipped over my week two recap, but that was mainly because it was just treadmill work with this one ridiculous run at the end.

Day light savings really helped me out this week because I could actually get home and get a few miles in  before the sun sets.  I'm also finally able to run on parts of the sidewalks again which is awesome, but we are expecting another storm on Monday so that won't last long.

I honestly can't even remember if I did my run inside or outside on Monday but I know it got done.  On Tuesday I ran around Reston, VA while down there on business and it wasn't great but I was very proud of myself.  I made the time to get out and run when I could have easily just sat back and enjoyed room service but I didn't... until I was done with the run, of course!

Thursday's run was not so great.  After traveling for two days I was pretty tired at work but still had every intention to run when I got home.  I felt a little light headed when I got home but I still headed out.  What I didn't plan for was the freezing cold outside.  I think it was around 18 degrees and after half a mile I was close to tears.  I tried continuing on the treadmill but I had lost all momentum and really felt like if I pushed myself I'd end up tripping over my tired feet and get hurt.  I was mad that I stopped after two miles but I was very happy when I woke up the next day and was still exhausted and even a little sore because I knew that not much good would have come from pushing myself during that run.

Alanna and I enjoyed running together last week so we decided to do it again this week.  We are both very much beginner runners so we're on the same page with our pacing and distance.  We decided to check out a rail trail in a nearby town since we're both tired of the same neighborhoods.  It took us a while to actually find it but it was a nice change of scenery even if we both agreed that we would never want to run there alone.  We did our five miles though and we both agreed that we could have done more but neither of us want to push our luck.

I'm still very early in the training for this but I have to say (if I haven't said it already) that I'm enjoying it so much more than when I was trying to prepare myself for a 5k.  I like that each week I have a goal that I've never reached before but I push myself to do it and then realize that more and more is possible. Looking forward to the week to come!

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