Saturday, March 2, 2013

Something I never focused on when working up to my 5k was pacing.  I know that it's something that I needed to focus on for the half, but I didn't realize how much of a difference it was going to make in my running.

When I was running in Dublin I didn't have a smartphone, gps, or any type of watch other than the stopwatch on my cell phone.  I would know how far I had run and I would know my total time but I had no idea what my time per mile was.  It wasn't even a blip on my radar, to be honest.

When I ran the 5k in Lowell I went out way too fast and ended up struggling pretty bad for the second two miles.  Instead of running three strong miles I ran one fast one and two painfully slow ones. Rookie move, I guess.

Since I learned the hard way with the 5k, I'm definitely making pacing a focus on this next round of training.  I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to finish, but I want to make sure that I finish strong and happy.  The best way I think I can accomplish this is by working on my consistency in pacing.

It was pouring on Wednesday so I ran on the treadmill instead of outside.  I picked a pace that I thought I could stay at without breathing heavy, and did the entire three miles at that pace.  No slowing down, no speeding up.  I was shocked at how good I felt and I thought I could have kept going at that pace for a while.

Of course the goal will be to work towards a faster pace, but for now I'm very happy to know that there is a pace that I feel comfortable going a longer distance.

I don't have a pic for this post so here's one of
my adorable smirking niece instead!

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  1. Pacing is definitely really important!! I remember back when I did cross country in high school I never used to be good at pacing. One time I wanted to run a sub 6 cruise mile (meaning under 6 minutes) and I had a kid pace me. Didn't even feel fast, and we ran it in 5:55. Crazy what a difference it makes!