Real Talk Tuesday: Books

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I apologize in advance for the delay in this post (if it gets posted at all!).  I’m currently sitting at a Jet Blue terminal, waiting for my flight down to DC.  There doesn’t seem to be any free wifi available so my genius plan of writing my Real Talk Tuesday post here this morning seems to have been thwarted. 

So our topic this week was books.  When Kayla mentioned this topic to me I struggled to think of a clear answer to the prompt. I have loved books for a long time now but which one stand out above all the others? Which book do I see as the most influential in my life?  To be honest, I don’t think there is a right answer.  Or at least not ONE right answer.

There is, of course, Harry Potter.  I think few people of my generation will be able to say that this book didn’t define their childhood, and if they can they probably just didn’t read it.  Hermione motivated me to excel in school, Harry showed me the power of being brave, and Ron taught me how to be a good friend.  Blah ,blah, blah, if you’ve read the books then you don’t need to hear it all from me!

Beyond Harry Potter, there are still a few books that I hold near and dear to my heart.  All of Tamora Pierce’s books had a huge impact on me growing up.  Most of her characters were strong young women… kind of like the Katniss of the 90’s.  I actually remember writing an email to the author well over 10 years ago and she personally responded.  It’s hard to describe how happy that made me as a young girl but I still have it saved today and I look forward to the day where I can someday share her stories with my future children.

Although I haven’t read it in years I also remember Watership Down being very moving for my young self.  I’ve had intentions of reading it again but I’m afraid that whatever it was I loved about it as a kid I won’t see there again.  Sometimes it’s easier to just keep things as a memory than to try to recreate it.

Brian Jacques’ Redwall series was also big for me as a child.  All of his wonderful talking animal characters may have played a role in me becoming a vegetarian for almost 7 years.  I was surprised at how upset I was by his death a year or two ago. 

I would like to think that I could come up with some more mature, classic novels on my “most influential” list.  Don’t get me wrong, I have read and loved many of them but when I truly look back at the books that I think REALLY defined me, the list consists of all of the books I was reading between 10-16 and they all lean towards fantasy.  Perhaps that’s why even today I have a very strong imagination and regularly let it run wild.

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  1. Harry Potter will always have a special place in my heart!

  2. Watership Down was very moving! I recently bought a really old copy in a used bookstore. Looks so pretty!

  3. I feel your pain, I'm sitting in the airport as I type! Have to wait for three hours for my girlfriend to get off work and pick me up -___- Thankfully there is internet!