Real Talk Tuesday: In Five Years

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Welcome back to Real Talk Tuesday.  Thanks to everyone who participated last week! It was great getting so many different views on college.
Simple Bliss

Today's topic is one of the scariest for me because in 5 years I will be 30.  Which means I will no longer be "twenty-something." I will be a real person.  I'm sure I said that five years ago about 25, but I still don't quite feel "real" just yet.

For pretty much all of my life I could base my goals around school, but now I've reached the point where that is not an option anymore. I haven't really put too much effort into thinking about five years into the real world but I guess better late than never!

While I have a feeling few of these will work out as planned, here are a few snapshots of how I picture my life to be in five years:

  1. I hope to be in a serious relationship.  At the rate I'm going I doubt I will be married, but I least hope to be with the person that I will marry.  
  2. I hope to have my student loans paid off.  I know this is kind of ambitious but I'm making good progress already and if I keep it up at the rate I'm going I think it's actually doable.
  3. I hope to have a clear goal for my job.  I don't expect to be exactly where I want to be by 30, but I hope that I have a clear path to whatever it may be that I decide on.
  4. I hope to own a house.  I am still torn between wanting to live in a big old farm house in the country or a modern house in the middle of a bustling town, but I hope that at some point in the next five years I'll figure that out to some degree.
  5. I hope, most importantly, that I am happy. There is still so much uncertainty in my life right now.  While I think the uncertainty makes life interested, I am looking forward to a day in the future when I know what I will be doing everyday, where I will come home to, who I will come home to, and feel comfortable in all of it.


  1. if you decide to live in the city, you can always get away for the weekend at our farmhouse in the country!! i loved this topic :) :) xo

    1. After reading your beautiful description I think you helped me make up my mind. Can we get farm houses next to each other??

  2. I've found that being happy is so so so important. It seems so easy, but it's not. I think if you're happy, everything else will fall into place.

    And I don't live too far away from you girls, so I'm visiting the farmhouses!

  3. great hopes! i will be just about 30 too,gahhh i can't even think about it lol

    thanks for doing this,i love it :)

  4. i think being happy is the simplest, yet the most fundamental goal we see ourselves in the future.
    oh, i wish i could live in a farm too one day

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  6. Great goals Erin! I'm about to finish my undergraduate years of college in May, through I am going to grad school so I can still claim school related things as goals. It is weird to feel like we've reached adulthood though!

  7. I had pretty much the same goals when I was 25 :)
    For me they didn't all come true...I turned 30 in December and only the last one worked out for me.
    But I think that's the most important one - being happy. Especially being happy with what I have and what comes along my way, no matter if I wanted it that way or not.
    So don't worry too much about achieving certain things. It's good to have goals, but I think things only work out when you're happy with what you have.