Well That Was Quite a Run...

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Today my friend Alanna and I decided to do our long run together. My other three runs of the week were all on the treadmill so I knew I had to not only get out of the house but also get out of the neighborhood.

It was beautiful out so we decided to head into Lowell to the Boulevard which we were hoping was plowed.  From what we could see where we parked the car it was clear.

 We started running and had to cross a bridge which clearly wasn't plowed but we figured we'd just walk across and continue running on the other side.  The bridge seemed pretty much never ending while we were slipping and sliding and getting our shoes soaked in the melting slush.
Unfortunately, the other side of the bridge wasn't any better.  It was a good high knees workout until we decide that we'd rather just risk our lives walking in the street than to ruin our new sneakers in the snow.

This left us dodging in and out of traffic for a few miles before we finally hit a plowed area.  When we reached the next bridge that we were supposed to cross over we found it in even worse shape so we turned around and had to repeat the trek back.  On the bright side we did close to five miles even though we were only supposed to do 4 and neither of us were feeling tired. It was also too beautiful to be bitter about the run.

Kayaking in March... normal.

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  1. Looks like it was a beautiful (albeit snowy) morning for a run. But at least spring is near :)