Half Marathon Training: Week 6

Monday, April 8, 2013

This was another great week for running.  I was able to squeeze a quick run in on Monday before training class.  Wednesday Alanna and I met in Derry to do our five miles.  It was pretty cold and windy but luckily we warmed up quickly.  I took the dog with me for the first half of Thursday's run.  He's definitely getting better but I can only handled him for a little while before it gets to be too much.

Alanna and I decided to run on Sunday instead of Saturday since it was pretty cold and windy Saturday morning.  I really love that every week is a new record for both of us.  Six weeks ago the most either of us had EVER run was 3 miles.  And both of us pretty much hated it.  Here it is, a month and a half later, and we're running 10 miles.  Granted, it's a pretty slow 10 miles but we're running it non stop.  I couldn't be more proud.   We are both pretty confident about our race that is now five weeks away.  I think we'll do very well but also leave ourself a lot of room for improvement!


  1. Wow this is so encouraging! I would love to do something like that...but don't know if I could even do a 5K right now! Congrats!

    1. I ran a 5k back in September and thought I was going to die! It sounds crazy but I think the half marathon is easier... or at least a more structured training plan helps!