Thursday, April 11, 2013

I really don't have much to say today but I felt like I needed to type something.  My head hurts.  I'm exhausted.  The rain is making it all worse.  I'm a big cry baby.

Our office has a rotation to cover the security desk so people can take lunch breaks which means once a month I get an hour to just sit and essentially do nothing.  I answer the phone when it rings and help people to sign in when needed but that doesn't happen often around lunch time.

I bailed on my run with Alanna yesterday.  I just felt like I needed some alone time.  I feel like I'm surrounded by people for all waking hours these days which, for an introvert, is exhausting.   I was surprised to see how easy this five mile run was considering it was only a few weeks ago that even a three mile run alone bored me to tears.

Have I told you how I think I'm addicted to paying off my loans?  I will eventually write a full post about it.  But  I put a few hundred dollars towards them every week and I think I actually enjoy that more than I would enjoy going out and buying a new outfit or something.

Have I also told you that my boss is retiring?  And that depending on who replaces him (we have two internal applicants) it could mean big changes for me?  Rumor is we could hear by tomorrow who the replacement is so I'm pretty anxious about that.  I think in either case the changes will be good for me but I need to let my brain rest since it's been going non stop thinking about about the different scenarios.

Well, the end of my hour is here.  Peace!

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