Real Talk Tuesday: A Rant

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I try to be open minded towards everything.  When talking to people I try to always play the devil's advocate, but my own views are really very moderate.  I also try to always see the best in people but once they prove otherwise they do not get back onto my good side easily.

I understand the need of a social welfare system.  There are many people in our country who cannot take care of themselves or simply need some help to get out of bad situations.  Our country was built on  immigrants working their way up for the bottom to better their lives.

It really frustrates me however when people abuse the system.  I see it so often that it really makes me sick.

My most recent encounter with this involves my niece's other grandmother (aka not my mom).  I've only known her for about two years but from what I can tell she has always been cheating the system.  We found out recently that for all three of her children she managed to collect disability checks, claiming that they all have ADD.  I guess if you were low income and were trying to pay for special tutoring or something for you children this would be great to have, but that of course wasn't happening.  In fact, one of her children hadn't lived with her for years and another (my sister's boyfriend) lived with us for close to a year while she still collected under their names.  Meanwhile she didn't work for much of this time because why would you when you're getting three checks for a hefty amount each month?

Eventually the two oldest kids  turned 18 and those checks stopped coming.  She (sadly) had to get back to work.  Then she found out that she had finally qualified for Section 8 housing.  Last week she got a three bedroom apartment for her and her daughter.  Her sons weren't allow to live there because they were over 18 but she has no problem renting out the extra room to a man she has been working with for less than two months.

She actually bragged, "now that I only have to pay $30 a month for rent I don't even have to work full time anymore!"  Her youngest child is 13 and in school all day so there is absolutely no reason for her to not work less than full time.

There are so many people in the country that need help from the government.  Not only are there families who need help, but there are schools that are being shut down, police and firefighters being laid off, and people suffering in general... all while this lucky woman "doesn't even have to work full time anymore!"

I would understand if this was just an outlier to the norm but it's not.  It frustrates me more than I can really put into words. What's even worse than people cheating the system is that our system is so dysfunctional that things like this will probably never even be addressed.

Ok. Rant over.  

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  1. I totally understand how you feel about this! I mean, there are people who really need help and maybe they don't get is because she is cheating. Just not fair.