Playing Catch Up

Sunday, May 19, 2013

This weekend has provided some much needed catch up time.

-I finally caught up on all 600 of my unread blogs.  This took me almost two days.  I skimmed many, skipped a few, and commented on zero, but I got through them all.

-I finally caught up on laundry that built up from DC and my race last weekend.  Not only did I hang everything up right away (yay unwrinkled clothes!), but I even matched up my socks for the first time in a month.  This, unfortunately, just led to chaos.
 Where are all of your mates?!
- I put the finishing touches on my binder of processes for work.  I hate leaving a position without preparing my replacement as much as possible so I made sure to write everything down as clearly as I could.  Fortunately, I'll still be there for any questions but I think this will help me as much as it will help my replacement.

- I put together MY binder for my upcoming new role.  I've taken pages and pages of notes on dozens of different things and I needed to get everything in order before I actually start.

- I took Mac on a much needed puppy play date.  He was so tired afterwards that he basically slept for 15 hours straight.
Three of the six pups 
Mac and his new girlfriend Lana

-We also went on a few nice long leisurely walks.  Even though I didn't run at all this week I still felt like I was busy every day when I came home from work and my short quick walks with Mac reflected that.

-I spent some quality time with my niece who hasn't been around the house much this week.  She really is the most amazing baby.

-I finished off three shows that I had let several episodes build up.  Not necessarily proud that I spent so many hours watching tv but I had to finish them one way or another.  Most of them are done for the season so I can stop worrying about staying on top of them.  (I don't think tv shows are supposed to be this much of a chore!)

It's amazing how nice it feels to have gotten so many things completed this weekend.  Most of the time I don't even notice the build up of stress from having all of these uncompleted tasks, but now that they are done it feels great!


  1. Your niece is adorable. I can't wait until my youngest niece grows enough hair to do this hairstyle with her (she's only 3months and is basically bald). I too feel shameful sometimes when I realize how many hours go into catching up on shows. Haha. But then we all have our guilty pleasures. Thanks for sharing. Hope you can stop by soon.

  2. You really got a lot of stuff done! :) Congratulations! Hope you can relax a bit now! I have so many shows to catch up with too. :) I don't know when I will be able to do that!

  3. I really love that picture of the three dogs playing. If you look at each one, all you can see is pure joy in their faces. Love it!

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog today. If you're interested, check out my page and read more about it!

  4. I love your socks!! Heck, do what I do, just mix and match them...they are still useful right? LOL Popped in from Kristen's page!! :-)